Individual and Chapter Members have the ability to raise funds to support their athletic pursuits via tax deductible donations through Adaptive Sports USA. Members in good standing have the opportunity to apply for an Athlete Development Fund (ADF) account, which is maintained by Adaptive Sports USA. The ADF account is a reimbursement account that pays out expenses incurred by an athlete or team upon submittal of receipts and and ADF Reimbursement Request form on a monthly basis.

ADF Account Benefits

  • Drum up invested support and a fan base!
  • Low opening balance/account opening fee: $125.00 (plus $5 card processing fee if paying by credit card).
    • $100 opening balance (non tax-deducible).
    • $25 account opening fee.
    • $25 account maintenance fee.
  • All donations are tax deductible (see the part about parent/guardian donations below).
  • A great way to raise and save money for out-of-state competitions while providing your supporters with a charitable tax benefit.
  • Set fundraising goals to match athletic pursuits.
  • Official donation receipts automatically sent to donors from Adaptive Sports USA.
  • Donation invoices can be provided by Adaptive Sports USA if requested by the donor for payment.
  • Reimbursements are sent out by the 30th of the month (28th in February).

ADF Account Rules and Restrictions

Reimbursable Expenses
  • Sport-related equipment.
  • Sport-related clothing.
  • Sport-related periodical subscriptions.
  • Sport-related technical manuals/books.
  • Registration fees for events.
  • Foreign transaction fees for international sport-related expenses .
  • Membership dues for other sport-related organizations and Adaptive Sports USA.
  • Food (at the daily per diem rate, excluding alcohol).
  • Airfare to/from events (reimbursed after the flight has been taken).
  • Car rental and fuel (mileage excluded).
  • Mileage for travel in a personal vehicle to and from sport-related activities/events (at the current mileage rate specified by the IRS, fuel excluded).
  • Airport parking.
  • Shuttle or taxi transportation to/from airport and to/from event.
  • Chaperon/parent or Personal Care Assistant (PCA) expenses to accompany athletes to competition for athletes under 18 years of age or medically-classified PCA for special needs (one chaperone/parent or PCA is covered).
  • Current members of Adaptive Sports USA in good standing.
  • Account holders under 18 years must have a parent/guardian manage the account.
  • Any account that remains inactive for a period of 3+ years will be closed and remaining funds donated to the Adaptive Sports USA general fund.

Because donors can make tax deductible contributions, there are a few things the IRS regulates and excludes from reimbursement, these items include:

  • Athletes under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian designee.
  • Parents or legal guardians cannot make donations to their minor dependent’s account or if the athlete is claimed as a dependent on tax returns; however, parents/guardians may make the opening deposit of $100 (not tax-deductible).
  • ADF Accounts are reimbursement accounts, therefore, funds cannot be borrowed from the account.
  • All expense receipts must fall within 12 months of the date of expense submission.
  • All receipts submitted for reimbursement must be legible and itemized (i.e. itemized restaurant receipts must be included with the credit card slip).
  • Line items from credit card statements cannot be reimbursed unless an itemized receipt is presented.
  • Airfare receipts must be itemized and show all fees and taxes paid (boarding passes or general itineraries cannot be accepted).
  • Airfare is reimbursed after travel has been completed.
  • All funds must be available in the account before a reimbursement check can be cut (i.e. any and all donor checks must have cleared the bank before funds can be released).
  • Purchase orders, quotes or itineraries cannot be accepted as receipts.
  • Payments cannot be made directly to an outside vendor/assignee.
  • Alcohol will not be reimbursed.

If you’re not a current member, join today.