Adaptive Sports USA honors athletes and contributors for their outstanding achievements and contributions to adaptive sports and the adaptive sports community. Click the tabs below see award descriptions and past recipients.

Call for Nominations for the Hall of Fame and Jan Elix award. Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2020.


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Hall of Fame

The Adaptive Sports USA Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding individuals who have made a significant impact in the adaptive sports arena in one of two categories:  Athlete or Contributor.

Athlete:  Recognizes an athlete who has, in their participation in national and international competition, distinguished themselves through outstanding performance and superior sportsmanship over the span of at least five (5) years.

Contributor:  Individuals such as a coach, administrator, founder, event director that has made significant contributions to Adaptive Sports USA in administration, management, coaching and/or promotion.

Award recipients are announced at the Adaptive Sports USA National Conference and Delegate Assembly each fall.

Award Recipients


2019    Jessica Cloy
2018    Scot Hollonbeck
2016    Kevin Saunders
2012    Mike Ward
2012    Mikel Vandello
2010    Sherry Ramsey (Schulz)
2008    Joann Cornett Dunn
2008    Carlos Rodriguez
2007    Jennifer Johnson
2007    Jim Martinson
2004    Jon Brown
2004    Ann Cody
2002    Jean Driscoll
2002    Hugh Smith
2001    Bart Dodson
2001    Randy Snow
2000    Tom Brown
2000    Ray Clark
1999    Jerry Deets
1999    Joe Grejdus
1998    Sebastion DeFrancesco
1998    Bart McNichol
1998    Marcia Kulick
1997    Arnold Astrada
1997    Candace Cable
1997    Connie Head
1996    Robert Ocvirk
1996    Gary Kerr
1995    George Conn
1995    Eddie Coyle
1994    Ken Brooks
1994    Bill Griggs
1993    Mike Dempsey
1993    George Murray
1993    Rodney Vlieger
1992    Sharon Hedrick
1992    Kent Hogan
1991    Marty Ball
1991    Bob Hall
1991    Skip Wilkins
1990    Ella Cox
1990    John Gray
1989    John Jay Brown
1989    Susan Hagel
1988    Sharon Myers
1988    Ty Kaus
1987    Bea Anderson
1987    Karen Casper
1987    Richard Rosenbaum
1986    Christa Welger
1985    Ronald Halsey
1985    Scott Robeson
1984    Jan Little
1984    William Johnson
1983    Richard Maduro
1983    James Mathis
1983    Dino Wallen
1983    Carol Giesse Wooledge
1983    Bruce Karr
1982    Karen Donaldson
1982    David Williamson
1981    Ruth Rosenbaum
1981    Peter Krajewski
1980    Reno Levis
1978    Julius Duval
1978    Evelyn Moore
1977    William Fairbanks
1977    Darlene Quinlan
1976    Vincent Falardeau
1975    Stefen Florescu
1974    Lou Rossini
1973    Cliff Crase
1972    Denver Branum
1972    Robert Hawkes
1971    Jack Whitman
1971    Rosalie Hixon
1970    Timothy Harris
1970    Ronald Stein
1970    Alonzo Wilkins


2019    Denise Hutchins
2018    Cindy Housner
2018    Gregg Baumgarten
2017    Debbie & Ralph Armento
2016    Jeannie Senter
2012    Gerry & Gwena Herman
2010    Pam Wilson
2009    Pete Arballo
2009    Barry Ewing
2008    Paul Kotlerjahn
2007    Paul DePace
2007    Pat Putt
2006    Dave Baskin
2004    Joe Lyttle
2004    Arleen Sand
2004    Charles Sheppard
2002    Curt Beamer
2001    Marty Morse
2000    Barbara Chambers
2000    Les Rothman
1999    Mary Carpenter
1999    Jan Elix
1998    Andy Chasanoff
1998    Joan Karpuk
1997    Maureen Freeda
1997    Lyn Rourke
1996    Karen Johnstone
1994    Bill & Brenda Greene
1993    G. Andrew Fleming
1992    Jim Messer
1992    John Noisette
1992    Ariel Roman
1991    Sharon Brooks
1991    Anne Lipton
1991    Wayne Protheroe
1990    Robert J Szyman, PhD
1989    Ian Chafee
1988    Judy Benoit
1988    Dan Sullivan
1986    Casey Clarke, PhD
1984    Richard Kuntzler
1983    Stanley Myers, MD
1981    Pat Karman
1979    Robert Classon
1978    B. Cairbre McCann, MD
1977    Stan Labanowich, PhD
1974    H. Charles Ryder
1973    Ted McLean
1972    Al Youakim
1971    Seymour Bloom
1970    Benjamin Lipton
1970    Timothy Nugent

Jan Elix Award

The Jan Elix award is given by the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Committee to honor Jan Elix, a dedicated woman that made an impact as an athlete, coach, Adaptive Sports USA Board member, mentor and long standing member of the Junior Committee for decades before her passing.  The award recognizes a coach, organizer, official and/or classifier that display’s Jan’s core values and positive characteristics.  Recipients must:

  • Serve in the administrative role as a coach, official, organizer, or classifier and be in good standing with Adaptive Sports USA.
  • Have dedicated their time and effort to the expansion and growth of competitive sports for athletes with physical disabilities and/or visual impairments in their local communities and/or at a national level.
  • Serve as a mentor to colleagues and/or athletes.
  • Have a long-standing commitment to the vision and future of competitive sports for athletes with physical disabilities and/or visual impairments

Award recipients are announced at the Adaptive Sports USA Jr. Nationals in July.

Award Recipients

2019    Teresa Skinner
2018    Tomie Zuchetto
2017    Kathe Hickey
2016    Charles Sheppard
2015    Denise Hutchins
2014    John Stephens
2013    Cindy Housner
2012    Gregg Baumgarten
2011    Pam Carey
2010    Arleen Sand
2009    Philip Galli & Jessica (Galli) Cloy
2008    Donald Chaffee & Dick Doucette
2007    Barry Ewing
2006    Ralph & Debra Armento

Jr. Nationals Spirit of Excellence

The Jr. Nationals Spirit of Excellence Award honors a female and male athlete from each sport offered that have shown exemplary sportsmanship, leadership, and athletic achievement.

Award recipients are announced at the Adaptive Sports USA Jr. Nationals in July.

Award Recipients


2016 Elizabeth Becker
2015 Elizabeth Becker
2013 Caitlin Goerlich
2012 Kayla Hicks
2011 Lynne Ganley
2010 Melanie Watson

2019 Danielle Kanas
2018 Mei-Li Duden
2017 Kasey Nickel
2016 Stephanie Marquez
2015 Kaitlyn Schewanick
2014 Samantha Smolka
2013 Curran Brown
2012 Anna Day
2011 Tiffany Melchoiorre
2010 Alexandra Badeaux

2019 Magnolia Peters
2017 Catarina Guimares

2019 Kelli Anne Stallkamp
2017 Amanda Merlau
2015 Alexandra Kay
2014 Bridgette Wise
2012 Tiffany Melchoiorre
2011 Kelsey Haas
2010 Lindsey Good

2019 Ryanne Carr

2019 Amaris Vasquez
2018 Abigail Gase
2017 Calista Susa
2016 Ahalya Lettenberger
2015 Mary Kate Cooper
2014 Elisabet Ruiz-Torres
2012 Ariel Liker
2011 Carissa Gore
2010 Jennifer Faes

Table Tennis
2018 Ryanne Carr
2011 Caitlin Goerlich

2019 Catarina Guimaraes
2018 Teylor Becher
2017 Aerelle Jones
2016 Amanda Malawski
2015 Katrina Gerhardt
2014 Serena Jaros
2013 Jessica Rogers
2012 Alexandra Badeaux
2011 Sydney Bolen


2019 Jeremy Manko
2017 Scott Niles
2016   Noah Barbknecht
2015 Brendan Courier
2013 Mitchell Kohl
2011 Mitchell Miles
2010 Gianfranco Iannotta

2019 Jose Matthews
2018 Tyler Jones
2017 Isaac Sullivan & Brian Nelson
2016  Gianni Toce
2015 Jacque Billingsley
2014 Beecher Bruno
2012 Mitchell Miles
2011 Tyler Pickett
2010 Dylan Wilson

2019 Owen Horsley

2018 Tristan Putt
2017 Debrandson Davidson, Jr.
2016  Justin Phongsavanh
2015 Tyler Tippen
2014 Dylan Wilson
2013 Zsolt Vincze
2012 Bryce Segura
2011 Josh Berenado
2010 Chase Brossett

2019 Zebidiah Pfenning

2019 Gavin Morrobel
2016 Beecher Bruno
2015 Stephen Machak
2014 Trey Davis
2013 Stephen Koziel
2012 Aleks Puumala
2011 Jim “Westly” Cuevas
2010 Adam Saldana

Table Tennis
2018 Magitang Kiko Mina
2014 Stephen Machak
2013 Danny Scrivano
2012 Julian Santiago
2011 Linas Pagano
2010 Joshua Melendez

2019 Lucas Jundt and Jason Robinson
2018 Matthew Fertig
2017 Chance Milledge
2016   Miguel Jiminez-Vergara
2015 Christian Clemmons
2014 Nicholas Badeaux
2012 Nishan Patel
2011 Adam Cruz
2010 Sean Burns

Ted Kaplan Award

The Ted Kaplan Award is given by the Tri-State Wheelchair and Ambulatory Athletics Association (TSWAA) to honor Ted Kaplan, their original founder. Ted Kaplan was a real pioneer in the development of wheelchair sports. Ted started the New Jersey Wheelchair Athletic Association in the early 1970’s along with Sharon Brooks, Ken Brooks and Andy Chasanoff and was a catalyst to helping athletes succeed. Ted, who was a wheelchair user himself, died of cancer in the early 1980’s.  His portrait continues to grace the Clark Recreation Center where the NJ Jaguars practice to this day.

Because of his legacy in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond, the TSWAA annually honors his memory to a deserving individual who has made a significant contribution in the advancement of adaptive sports for juniors with the Ted Kaplan Award.

Award recipients are announced at the Adaptive Sports USA Jr. Nationals in July.

Award Recipients

2018    Jimmy Cuevas
2017    Barbara Chambers
2016    Trisha Yurochko
2015    Mike Burns
2014    Debra Armento
2013    John Stephens
2012    Jeannie Senter
2011    Denise Hutchins
2010    Philip Galli
2009    Pam Carey
2008    Ralph Armento
2007    Charles Sheppard
2005    Gwena & Gerry Herman
2004    Cliff Crase
2002    Arleen Sand
2001    Sharon Frant Brooks
1998    Donald Chaffee
1996    Martin Morse
1995    Mary Carpenter
1994    Jan Elix
1993    Pat Putt
1992    JoAnn Armstrong
1987    Andy Chasanoff

Sports N Spokes Jr. Athlete of the Year

The SNS Junior Athlete of the Year award is given by Sports N Spokes Magazine and recognizes a young athlete making a difference. The athlete would not be considered solely for a stellar athletic performance. Nominees must:

  • Be 21 years old or younger
  • Be good students
  • Make significant contributions to their schools in sports as well as other activities
  • Be active in their communities volunteering for various projects and causes.

Nominations can be submitted from coaches, officials or others. Nomination forms, deadlines and submission information can be found online at  Questions?  Contact or 602-224-0500 ext 106.

Award recipients are announced at the Adaptive Sports USA Jr. Nationals in July.

Award Recipients

2019    Joanna Nieh, New York
2018    Kelvin Fields, Mississippi
2017    Jason Robinson
2016    Kayla Bolnick, Oregon
2015    Noah Blue Elk Hotchkiss
2014    Mark Braun, Minnesota
2013    Rachel Kroener, Arizona
2012    Raymond Martin, New Jersey
2011    Jessica Rogers, Maryland
2011    Dylan Levine, New Jersey
2009    Josh Swoverland, Indiana
2008    Jill Moore, North Carolina
2007     Ryan Chalmers, New York
2006     Dana Fink, Georgia
2005     Steven Serio, New York
2004     Michael Timpa, Louisiana
2003     Mia Ives-Rublee, North Carolina
2003     Kevin Hosea, Ohio
2002     Joshua George, Virginia
2001     Sarah Castle, Colorado
2000     Jennifer Howitt, California
1999     Jessica Galli, New Jersey
1988     Joshua Brunies, Louisiana
1997     Eddie McGee, New York
1996     Becky Covington, Virginia
1995     Ashley Hovey, Colorado
1995     Tyler Byers, Washington
1993     Shannon Morrisey, Kansas
1993     Feike Waque, Holland
1992     LeAnn Shannon, Florida
1991     Abigail Park, New Jersey
1990     Eric Neitzel, California
1989     Jennifer Hazen, New Jersey
1988     Tony Lara, California
1987     Paul Hathcox, Florida
1986     Luis Betts, Washington

Jay Coyner was a wheelchair track athlete with the Arizona Heat Team in the early 90’s. Jay wasn’t the top athlete on his team nor the most talented, but he was loved by everyone because he gave his teammates the encouragement and positive attitude that everyone needs to succeed. At practice, he encouraged his teammates to do their best and helped them to be more positive in their performance. In competition, he did the same for all, even his opponents.

One evening, Jay was pushing home from practice when he was unfortunately hit by a car. He was in a coma as he turned 18 and subsequently passed away shortly after.

Two Jay Coyner Awards are given each year: one at Junior Nationals and one by AzDS to an Arizona Heat team member. These awards are given to the athlete who best exemplifies the type of person that Jay was:

  • One who cheered on everyone, friend or foe alike.
  • One who was always positive and encouraging
  • One who was not the fastest nor the best, but who showed up every day ready to try his best

Award Winners

2019 Johnothen Munding
2018 Jody Putnam
2017 Eva Neimeijer