Bill Dunham was serving in the United States Army with the 75th Ranger Regiment in 1989, when he was severely wounded while his unit was securing an airfield to assist in apprehending Panamanian Dictator Manual Noriega. Initial attempts were made to save his leg, but after numerous surgeries to repair his right leg, it had to be amputated above the knee.

Bill went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in History and Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies.

Currently, as Hanger Clinic Area Manager and AMPOWER Regional Peer-to-Peer Coordinator, Dunham provides support to people who are facing amputation or have undergone amputation. Bill also works closely with prosthetic designers to test and develop advanced and better functioning prosthetic devices. Bill leads a very active lifestyle using advanced computerized prosthetic technology. He also serves on the board of Eastern Oklahoma’s Case Management Society of America and is an active council member of the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council.

Mr. Dunham was not exposed to adaptive sports until later in life and wants to ensure people become aware as soon as possible.